The new Brittany Grant Photography has arrived!

Today marks such a huge milestone for my little business. I have two big announcements, so let's get started! First up... I have a gorgeous new website!  If you are reading this, you've found it! I have completely overhauled my look and direction. I hope you love it as much as I do! NEXT, something I've been putting together behind-the-scenes for months now...  Starting today, I AM A FULL-SERVICE PHOTOGRAPHER! (That's me shouting it from the rooftops.)  This means that instead of just sending digital galleries, I’m going to help you turn your images into heirloom albums, conversation-starting wall art, beautiful keepsake metals, prints and more (you know, all those things you mean to do, but never get around to). This is a change I truly believe in. Ever since I started my business, I encouraged my clients to see their photos as heirlooms. But delivering a digital gallery didn't fit that belief at all. Far too often, for so many reasons, these images didn't get printed  — and what's the point of that? And what happens when technology changes, and those images are lost forever? I have searched high and low to find heirloom-worthy pieces I stand behind. They’re created by some of the best, most trusted professional photo labs in the world, by hardworking people who are passionate about making something that truly matters. In this new chapter of my business, we'll actually sit down together for a special Reveal Session and look at all your edited photos. Then we'll figure out which ones will look amazing in an album and on your walls. At the end of our time together, you and your family will have something tangible to hold onto forever, rather than just a few fleeting Facebook likes. I am so excited to offer this much higher level of service, because I believe in your family's legacy. I believe in that day, decades from now, when your children will sit down with your album or hang up your framed photo and tell their children about the life and love they shared with you.

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