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Hey there, I’m Brittany. Most days you can find me chasing my 3 kids, working from my couch, or cuddling my cat,  Schrödinger. I am mostly known for being really short. Like less than 5 feet tall. I'm not telling my exact height. I love serving the world by providing  fun and memorable experiences and images to cherish for years to come. I photograph people who are looking for more than just a pretty picture. I feel blessed every single time someone chooses me to record their moments.


As a photographer, I’ve been honored by Shoot and Share and have several awards shown below. When I’m not busy working on you can catch me listening to Sci-Fi or fantasy audio books.  My husband likes to get me to help on our family farm whenever he gets a chance.


If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.

1. I love Harry Potter. Like really love. I'm in Slytherin house. lol

 2. I'm a huge geek in general. I love all the fandoms!

 3. I love coffee. Well, I love sugar and creamer with a little coffee mixed in.

 4. I'm not above making a total fool of myself just to get a smile.

5. My best behaved child is my dog. 

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